ACS Resident Trauma Paper Competition 2016

Dear ATLS Europe family,

Please find below the instructions for participation in the 2016 COT Resident Trauma Papers Competition.

Region 15 participation

The resident trauma paper competition is held every year during the COT Annual Meeting in March. There are two categories for abstract submission, clinical research and basic laboratory science.

 Format requirements are: an electronic version of the abstract no more than three pages long including title, name and contact information of the principal author. The participating regions have their regional competition from which they select two winners, one of each category. The region chief will submit the winning abstracts to the ACS Trauma office by the deadline established every year. A panel of judges from the ACS will then select one of the two for presentation at the Annual Meeting. The residents chosen will be invited to the annual meeting – conference fee, traveling costs and lodging for three nights will be covered by the ACS. Each resident selected will have 10 minutes to present and 10 minutes to answer questions. Overall, there will be two 1st and 2nd place winners, one of both in each category.

Each of the regional winners is awarded 500 Dollar; the 2nd place winners at the COT Annual Meeting receive an additional 500 Dollars and the 1st place winners again an additional 1000 Dollars. The fist place winners will also be invited to publish their papers in the Journal of the ACS.


• Topic: (acute) surgery/ trauma surgery, basic or clinical/descriptive trauma studies

• Not submitted or published

• Researcher is resident in training or fellow

• Abstract is in English, no more than three pages long including title, name and contact information of the principal author

 Time line

• Participants submit their abstracts for national selection before 15th November. Every ATLS EU country (the National scientific Trauma Society, the National ATLS director or National ATLS board) will select one abstract for each category .

• Abstracts submitted to the ATLS EU board by  1st of December

• Selection procedure by scientific committee ATLS EU (Drs. Shipper, Baker, Svendsen, Bouillon, & Jorgensen ) until 15th of December: Selection of one basic research paper and one clinical/descriptive paper

• Submission of 2 selected papers to ACS office (by region chief or ATLS EU chair)


• Region 15’s selected papers are rewarded 500 US$

• Worldwide selected papers (15) will be invited to present on the spring COT meeting (March). Expenses will be paid for by the ACS (flight and hotel).

• The winning papers of each category (basic research and clinical/descriptive) will be published in the Journal of the ACS; the two winning presenters of each category will be rewarded (1st place 1000 US$, 2nd place 500 US$).

Looking forward to receiving you submissions!

Gontzal Tamayo

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